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        Engine Rebuilding Machine
        Metal Cutting
        Metal Forming

        Auto Garage
        Machine Accessories Measuring Tools

        SJMC Corporation, founded in 1997, is a national foreign-trade company combined with production and technology which is well-known in supplying the service of Overall Mechanical processing solution in the field.

        SJMC products are widely used in automotive, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, construction and farming equipments, oil and energy field, mold and die industries, etc. From the beginning, our company made it as our mission to provide machines of good quality at competitive price to all customers. Rely on goods relationships with many famous manufactories and our experienced engineers and technicians, we are inputting semi finished products from different manufactories and final assembly these inputted products in our house to realize our concept of reducing the cost.

        Choosing SJMC as your machining partner, you are free to imagine a more productive, cost effective solution and we assure you that we can work together to make your dream come true.


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        SJMC Machine Tools CO.,lTD               联图二维码 (3).jpg   联图二维码.png

        ADD:16/F,Jincheng House,NO.511 Tianmu West Road,Shanghai China 

        Tel:  +86 53550166

        Fax: +86 63805455

        Cell:+86 1391672837 (24h)/Mr.Leo

        Mail: leo@sjmc.com.hk   / leo_wei2004@hotmail.com                                                       

        WhatsApp: +86 13916728373

        Wechat:     +86 13916728373

        Viber:         +86 13916728373  

        COPYRIGHT ? SJMC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.(沪ICP备16004217号)               

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