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        Valve Seats Boring BV90


        Valve Seat Boring Machine Model: BV90 with high availability meets the requirements of boring, 

        reaming and cutting machining for high accuracy valve guides and valve seats. Triple air-float patented 

        centering system and powerful spindle with built-in motor. Designed for the valve seats from the smallest

         to the bigger diameter. This machine can repair any existing engine, from the micro-engine up to the big 

        stationary engine, machining capacity from 18mm to 90mm.To reach the requirements of high precision

         machining for valve guides with a small diameter of 4mm.


        Main Specifications 



        Type of Drive   System

        Air / Electric

        Max. Length of   Cylinder Head


        Max. Width of   Cylinder Head

        500 mm

        Max. Height of   Cylinder Head

        450 mm

        Max. Boring Dia.

        18 – 90 mm

        Work Head Longitudinal   Floating Travel

        990 mm

        Work Head Cross   Floating Travel

        40 mm

        Sphere –   Cylinder Travel

        9 mm

        Floating   inclination angle of Spindle


        Table Travel

        160 mm

        Vertical Travel   of Spindle

        200 mm

        Power of   Spindle

        1.5 kW Spindle   Motor

        Max. Torque of   Spindle Motor

        23 Nm

        Spindle Speed

        100 – 1200 rpm   stepless

        Power of Tools   Grinder

        0.18 kW

        Tools Grinder   Rotation Speed

        2800 rpm

        Clamper Rotary Angle

        + 42°/ -15°

        Required Rated Air   Pressure

        6 Bar / 85 PSI

        Required Max.   Air Flow

        400 L / Min

        Required   Continuous Air Flow

        60 L / Min

        Length of   Machine

        1685 mm

        Width of   Machine

        1050 mm

        Max. Height of   Machine

        2180 mm

        Min. Height of   Machine

        1980 mm

        Roughness of   Finishing

        Ra 0.6

        Package Size (   L×D×H )

        1860×1150×2200 mm


        1500 Kg


        1800 Kg



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