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        Workstation WK1100



        Table adjustable 360°

        Rapid,adjustable manual clamping system.

        Pneumatic foot control

        Air cylinder easily tilts to any valve angle and assembly slides from valve.

        Variable speed regulation for air cylinder.

        5 sizes compressing feet.

        Valve keeper installing tool.

        Valve keeper retrieving tool.

        Support to hold the valves with polyethylene plates.


        Space requirements

        Length 1260mm/49.61″

        Width 650mm/75.20″

        Height 1700mm/66.93″

        Net weight approx. 130kg/286LBS

        Machine capacities(max)

        Length 1125mm /44.29″

        Width 390mm /15.35″

        Height 240mm /9.45″

        Weight 250kg/550LBS


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